Montverde Academy Koivu-Patterson Dormitory boarding students recently enjoyed a well-deserved respite from their dedicated schoolwork this semester.  Mrs. Lily Bentley, Montverde Academy Resident Hall Faculty for Koivu-Patterson dormitory 2nd Floor (KP2), hosted a KP2 “Dinner Night Out” at Zab Thai Authentic Thai Cuisine, located in nearby Clermont, Florida.  The night was an educational and international dining experience for dormitory students at Zap Thai – a restaurant that specializes in the creation of spicy and aromatic cuisine from nation of Thailand.  Mrs. Bentley informed MVA’s Communications Office, “While we were there, we had a chance to do a karaoke; singing some of the famous songs in this century.”

The students enjoyed their food; some had curry, some had fried rice. A couple of students had hotpot as well.  A popular dish that night was the Green Papaya Salad, a traditional dish in which they use a young green papaya and shredded them into strings.  Then it is mixed with tomatoes, limes, hot chili, some palm sugar for the sweetness, and fish sauce for the saltiness, and usually served with “sticky rice” – often called Glutinous rice