On Wednesday of this week Montverde Academy Headmaster Dr. Kasey Kesselring, staff members, and selected students presented a donation of bicycles and tricycles to the Office of Lake County Sheriff Gary S. Borders – to assist them with their seasonal “Shop with a Cop” program for underprivileged families of Lake County, Florida. “Shop with a Cop” provides gifts for families and children during the Christmas holiday, and is sponsored in part through the generous donations from the Lake County community. The donation originated from this year’s MVA Senior Retreat team building activity. This year, one of the team activities was bicycle building. Teams started with one bicycle or tricycle part.  Sending one team member at a time to play “guess the answer” to survival questions, successful answers won that team the parts and tools to complete their project.  During the instructional portion of the event, it was disclosed that MVA had not only made the investment of the bicycles and tricycles for this specific project, but there was further benefit to be gained. Upon completion of all of the bicycles and tricycles, tricycle races were staged.  All of the bicycles and tricycles were returned to Clermont Bicycles for a safety and assembly inspection. The remaining parts were added such as training wheels and bells to complete the assembly.

Those participating in the dedication (and pictured in photo BELOW this announcement) were:

  • Dr. Kasey Kesselring, Headmaster
  • Gary S. Borders, Lake County Sheriff
  • Toni Specht, Assistant to the Headmaster
  • Troy Urquhart, Dean of the Upper School
  • Jerry Matos. Dean of Students
  • Melissa Urquhart, Assistant Dean- Residential Life

 Montverde Academy Prefects:

  • Saul Aviles
  • Sung-Yueh Chang
  • Joao Esteves
  • Hannah Futo
  • Polina Gorodnova
  • Paloma Gragera
  • Leonardo Novaes
  • Haoyang Sun
  • Xuchuxue Zhou

 Montverde Academy Eagle Ambassadors:

  • Tess Fisher
  • Melissa Mankewich-reigning tricycle race winner
  • Ryan Moore
  • Christina Morrison
  • Cassandra Rathie
  • Harry Vaughn
  • Catherine Young

 Montverde Academy Student Government Officers:

  • Halle Pitner
  • Destiny Moye