Saturday was another great day of athletic accomplishment for the Montverde Academy Swimming Program! Under the direction of 2nd– year coach Arilson Champam De Almeida, MVA swimmers continue to demonstrate increased development and skill.  The most recent proof of this was exemplified by the team’s performance this past weekend at the Mid Florida Conference Championships – where 18 Florida high schools swim teams participated in the swim meet, held at Orlando’s YMCA Aquatics Center.  MVA’s Girls’ team were the the overall girls’ champions by winning 8 of the 11 events, setting 7 new Mid Florida Conference records, and capturing the 1st place championship team-score

Our Montverde Academy Boys’ team competed exceptionally well too – capturing an impressive 3rd place team-score in the boys’ division.

MVA Varsity Swimmers at the Mid Florida Conference Championships:

Mali Rodriguez, Kendall Dawson, Shaylyn Hewton, Alzbeta Andrikova, Julia Fidelis, Julia Leitao, Brady Estrada, Gabrielle Puryear Lynch, Lauren Buddendorff, Katie Schorr, Annabella Boardman, Giuliana Perez, Grace Schorr, Alexa Cecchi, Taylor Turnquist, Kendal Lewin, Amber Morgan, Samanvitha Nomula, Jaiden Muramatsu, Clara Ledo, Celia Campbell, Chase Dejarnett, Luiggi Reno, Thomas Jr. Eubank, Arthur Rocha, Thiago Ferreira, Peter Kiernan, Thomas Cavacas, Aleksander Bredemeyer, Michael Loyacono .

Girls team score results:

1- Montverde Academy 499
2- Lake Minneola 272
3- Vanguard 261

Boys team score results:

1- West Port HS 382
2- Lake Minneola 275
3- Montverde Academy 270

New records of the Florida Conference Championships:

  1. Kendall Dawson – 2 events: 200 Freestyle and 500 Freestyle
  2. Katie Schorr –  2 events:50 Freestyle and 100 Freestyle
  3. Julia Leitao, Katie Schorr, Kendall Dawson, Mali Rodriguez –  200 Freestyle Relay
  4. Julia Leitao, Katie Schorr, Kendall Dawson, Mali Rodriguez –  400 Freestyle Relay
  5. Arthur Rocha, Luiggi Reno, Thiago Ferreira, Peter Kiernan –  Boys 200 Medley Relay