It’s been an eventful few weeks for many Montverde Academy seniors!  Prior to opening of school that began on Tuesday, September 8th,  2015-2016 MVA Prefects participated in a week of training and took part in the Academy’s annual “MVA Way” events centered on developing trust and good communication.  Prefects also helped administration with Upper-school registration and orientation before their MVA Prefect Retreat. This year’s retreat allowed for prefects to take part in educational group activities – and learn from informative seminars and lectures from MVA Staff and MVA Resident Hall Parents.  

Through the experience, MVA Prefects cultivated friendships and developed their leadership skills. MVA Prefects were provided with a lot of great information that will help them to make good leadership and management decisions as an individual, and as a MVA Prefect team. 

This past weekend, Montverde Academy seniors participated in our school’s annual “Montverde Academy Senior Retreat” held at the “Historic Dogertown” accommodations, located in Vero beach, Florida.   The annual off-campus retreat was an amazing experience for seniors – especially being able to interact with other students from around the world, and participate in several team-building exercises.  Seniors enjoyed the video presentation featuring recent MVA graduates who collectively detailed the important aspects/steps of the college application process. MVA seniors also interacted with retreat-chaperones in a fun and informative activity humorously labeled “How to Survive Your Senior Year.”

MVA Upper-school Faculty and Staff assisted with all the scheduled events, and assisted seniors as they built (and then raced) tricycles and bicycles purchased from the Clermont Bike Shop. Also notable was the informative and inspiring presentation from members of the MVA Alumni and Development staff on the importance of staying connected and giving back to Montverde Academy after graduation.