For over a hundred years, Montverde Academy has served as an international college preparatory school offering remarkable opportunities for students seeking a quality education and entrance into the world’s leading colleges and universities.  Matriculation and registration forms completion is very important every semester especially because MVA offers current and prospective students an internationally respected private high-school education that includes outstanding academic programming, a 100% college acceptance rate (and 85% college of first choice rate), participation in nationally ranked sports programs, and exceptional fine arts instruction and training.  Such an extraordinary academic experience can often create a competitive application process in so much as the Academy often receives more applicants than we can accept and physically accommodate.  So as a reminder, Montverde Academy’s Admission Office, under the direction of Mr. Jack Sweeney, Montverde Academy Dean of Admission, has requested that both new and returning parents and guardians of student families please review and complete the 2015-2016 MVA Matriculation Forms online as soon as possible. 

The Matriculation Packet provides new and returning families with pertinent information and required forms for the school year.  Completed forms should be dropped off at their respective departments on the student’s first day of school.  This will ensure a student’s successful transition into the fall semester Montverde Academy community. *These matriculation forms are very important and must be completed in order for students to be eligible to register for the upcoming school year.  When completing the forms, it is not necessary to print the entire packet. Please print and submit the completed forms that require signatures and/or needed information.

Also included in the packet is the Permission for Release of Final Transcript form for newly admitted students only.  Please complete the form and submit to your child’s current school as soon as possible.  In order to complete scheduling for your child, final transcripts must be received. Returning students do not need to submit the Permission for Release of Final Transcript form. *To participate in athletics, additional forms available here from the FHSAA are required for Montverde Academy Middle-school and Upper-school students.

To learn more general information about the Academy’s admissions process, please visit  HERE.   For more specific information regarding the MVA Admission Application process, please visit HERE.  If you are in need of any assistance throughout the matriculation forms completion process, please contact the MVA Admission Office by telephone: (407) 469-2561.   To contact a member of the MVA Admission Office, please visit HERE.   Have a fun and safe remaining summer, and we look forward to seeing you in the upcoming semester beginning Tuesday, September 8th, 2015.