Founded in 1912 as the “Montverde Industrial School,” Montverde Academy has provided an outstanding educational experience to students for over 100 years as an international, coeducational, independent college preparatory school educating grades PK3-12 and with our boarding program schooling grades 7-12 and post -graduate studies.  Alumni contributions to their alma mater are extremely important to the growth and longevity of any academic institution – and so are all individual contributions from friends, and people other than alumni.   By joining the 1912 Society, a newly instituted method of contributing to Montverde Academy, EVERYONE (alumni, faculty/staff, and friends from the worldwide MVA community) can support the Academy financially, as they also express their affinity and respect for the Academy. 

Contributions will help to fund school operations such as capital improvements, and expand our outstanding education programs, increase academic scholarships, and increase endowments and student financial aid that will help MVA to progress and grow beyond what tuition dollars alone allow.   By pledging to donate $19.12 per month for one year to Montverde Academy, you will receive great gifts which include an exclusive 1912 Society glass, access to happy hour socials throughout the year, and a chance to win a $2,000 tuition remission voucher or vacation.

Montverde Academy’s 1912 Society is a great way for Montverde Academy family and friends to support the Academy all year long.  Montverde Academy is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Your contribution to MVA through the 1912 Society may allow for all, or part, of your donation to be tax deductible pursuant to IRS guidelines.  

Please join the Montverde Academy 1912 Society by visiting HERE.