Coach Tim Crowley, former MVA Swim Coach, and current MVA Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, has written an article that is featured in the 2015 July/August issue of Training & Conditioning – a health and fitness magazine.  Mr. Crowley, who was a coach for the U.S. Triathlon Team at the 2008 Olympics, is also the owner of TC2 Coaching, LLC, and has been coaching the art of triathlon to hundreds of athletes for more than 25 years  – some of whom have eventually won championships at every level of triathlon.  In the article “Triple Threat,” he delves into the importance of properly developing body strength, as “…swimming, biking, and running each have their unique physical demands. When training triathletes, a strength coach has to be sure to meet all of them.” 

Triathlon has recently become a NCAA recognized sport.  In his article, Coach Crowley stresses the growing popularity of triathlon competition. “ If all goes according to plan and at least 40 schools add varsity triathlon programs over the next 10 years, it will become a sanctioned NCAA championship sport…As triathlon continues to grow, there will be a greater demand for strength and conditioning coaches who understand how to meet the unique strength training needs of these athletes. They will have to carefully balance the sport’s three disciplines and the athletes’ busy training schedules, all while keeping overuse injuries at bay,” wrote Coach Crowley.

In this informative article, Coach Crowley also highlights important aspects of triathlon training and workout design, improving mobility, strengthening lateral stabilizers, and offers suggestions for annual training regimen.  “As triathlon continues to grow in popularity, strength coaches will play a vital role in the health and performance of triathletes.  Understanding the unique needs of these individuals will allow strength coaches to position themselves to become leaders in the sport. By educating and communicating with triathletes and their coaches, a strong performance team can be built,” also stated Coach Crowley.  To read the entire 2015 July/August issue of Training & Conditioning fitness magazine article, please visit HERE.

Early in last school year, Coach Crowley supervised a “core stabilization” exercise video on behalf of – an esteemed company that produces “… premium quality training equipment for sports, fitness and rehabilitation … for decades, Olympic-level swimmers, swim coaches, triathletes, triathlon coaches, and dry land conditioning coaches worldwide have selected the Vasa Trainer and Vasa Ergometer to dramatically improve performance for swimmers, Ironman triathletes, surfers, SUP paddlers, kayakers, Nordic skiers, and those seeking total-body fitness.”  In the above-mentioned video, Coach Crowley suggested various ways in which “swim-specific core stabilization exercises” can help combat fatigue, and correct body posture to augment freestyle swimming strategies.  Over the last two years, Coach Crowley was also featured in the publications Triathlete Europe and