It is an exciting time for the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy (GGGA), moving forward.  The Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy has acquired the WSG Academy, owned and founded by Bryan Van der Riet. Bryan and I have decided join forces under the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy.

I have the highest respect for Bryan, and I believe that with his knowledge and experience, he and his team will be an amazing addition to our team. I have known him for many years, and he was previously a coach here in the early years of the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy.

Gary Gilchrist kneeling over a puttBryan and several members of his team will join our team here at GGGA as we work toward strengthening our environment and development standards for our students for many years to come.

Bryan and I have similar philosophies to teaching and his passion for the game, is very apparent. As coaches, our teaching philosophy and passion for the game allows our students to become excited about the process and in becoming a top junior and college golfer. I believe that with the right system of training, each student will build their confidence and self-image, giving them the self belief to perform in tournament golf.

I have also decided to bring Pedro Fonseca on board as our Director of Business Development.  Pedro has a strong business background, loves the game and understands the expectations of creating an academy that inspires, motivates and supports every family’s desire for their son or daughter to reach their goals in golf and in life. He and our Program Advisors will assist students and their parents with putting together an initial plan for each student’s future development.


Gary Gilchrist