Congratulations to Mr. Justin Gatlin, an Olympic gold medalist sprinter in the 100-meter dash and twice World Indoor Champion in the 60-meter dash, for capturing victory in the 200-meter title at the United States Outdoor Track and Field Championships (in a meet-record 19.57 seconds) held last Sunday in Eugene, Oregon!   Montverde Academy enjoys a strong and supportive relationship with Star Athletics International LLC, a track club owned by Olympians Dennis and Damu (Cherry) Mitchell.  Gatlin often trains with Star at Montverde Academy’s athletic facilities – as do other Olympians and Olympic hopefuls.  In an email to Montverde Communications, Mr. Denarvise Thornton, Jr., MVA’s Athletic Director, stated that “…students at Montverde Academy witness Olympic level of success through hard work, perseverance, and dedication. MVA congratulates the Olympians and Olympic hopefuls of Star Athletics on their recent accomplishments at the United States Outdoor Track and Field Championships held in Eugene, Oregon.” 

According to a Sunday, June 28th, 2015, Associated Press article published on New York website, “Moments after crossing the finish line Justin Gatlin turned to his left and pointed at the clock to make sure everyone noticed what he had just done.  Hard to miss that time. Somewhere, a certain Jamaican sprinter is no doubt hearing about it, too. Gatlin breezed to the 200-meter title Sunday at the United States outdoor track and field championships in a meet-record 19.57 seconds.  He dominated a race in which he had the lead coming off the turn.  It was all over after that, given how he had been running lately and that his legs were feeling particularly fresh… The 33-year-old Gatlin ran so fast in the opening round that his competitors were jokingly telling him to slow it down. He was simply eager to begin — he had skipped the 100 because he had an automatic bye into the world championships courtesy of his Diamond League title.”  To read the entire aforementioned news feature, please visit HERE.

At the recent United States Outdoor Track and Field Championships, the 33-year-old Gatlin won the 200 meters with a personal best and a meet record time of 19.57. Isiah Young was 2nd with a time of 19.93.  Gatlin crushed his previous best of 19.68 ( set last July in Monaco. Justin Gatlin, Isiah Young, and Candyce McGrone will represent the USA at the world championships in Beijing, China this August. Kaylin Whitney will serve as an alternate on the World Championship team as well. Kaylin Whitney (200m and 4×1) and Alexandria Anderson (4×1) will represent the USA at the Pan American Games in July.   Candyce McGrone was 2nd in the 200 meters with a personal best time of 22.39. Kaylin Whitney was 4th in the 200m with a personal best of 22.47 and new World Youth Record. 

Star had a successful track meet here on campus last month. Last summer, on Saturday, June 7, 2014, Montverde Academy’s track facility hosted the Star Athletics Sprint Series.  Dennis Mitchell, President of Star Athletics LLC, and 3-time Olympian, told that the 2014 summer Montverde Academy weekend-meet generated 80,000 views on their live stream.  Most of Saturday’s gorgeous day centered around the amazing world-leading track performances run by Veronica Campbell-Brown. In June of 2013, Montverde Academy hosted the first-ever Star Athletic International Track Club event. Participants competed in 100-meter, 200-meter and 400-meter sprints.