During the Spring Semester, the Montverde Academy Middle-school National Junior Honor Society decided to partner with the Buses n’ Backpacks organization to feed children in Lake County.  After meeting with Mrs. Tandy Hammond, an organizational representative, MVA’s MS Dean Warren Delmolino learned that it costs only $240 for feed a child for a whole school year.  According to Mrs. Sara Stelle-Parets, Montverde Academy Middle-school 6th grade teacher, and NJHS advisor, “…that money will cover the cost of food every weekend and during holiday breaks for students who might not have sufficient nutrition when they are away from school.”

At the end of the spring semester, the MVA NJHS decided to hold a Jeans Day to raise the funds. Middle school students were encouraged to donate $2 towards the cause and in return, they were able to wear any jeans and any shoes they wanted on Friday, May 15th. That day also happened to be the day of the special celebration in honor of our #1 ranked high school basketball and soccer teams for the 3rd year in a row. Dr. Kesselring provided “3-peat” shirts for everyone to wear.  Our 6th graders had their annual trip to Epcot, so they were able to donate $2 and wear shorts instead of jeans.

The middle school students raised $323!  This is enough to sponsor a child for 2015-2016 school year as well as purchase Christmas gifts, shoes, and a coat!  The NJHS has finished the year on a strong note!   In March, Montverde Academy’s Middle-school National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), under the direction of Mrs. Sara Stelle-Parets, MVA Middle-school 6th grade teacher, was presented the Buses n’ Backpacks Outstanding Compassion in a Kids Food Drive Award for 2014 .  The organization’s annual philanthropic honor was presented this year to the MVA Middle-school NJHS for the foods raised in the 2014 Spring Cereal Drive and the 2014 Fall PB&J Drive.