On Sunday, June 7th, 2015, Montverde Academy’s Eagle powerlifters team competed exceptionally well at the 2015 American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (ADFPF) National Powerlifting Championships.  ADFPF (American Drug Free Powerlifting Federation) Equipped Nationals were held at the Bay State Athletic Club, located in Scituate, Massachusetts.  Over the course of the last 3 years, MVA powerlifters have set 46 documentable world records in various age groups and weight classes! 

Coach Eric Pauli informed Montverde.org that a major goal of the recent trip was to set another four world records to reach the 50 world record mark.  Other goals included setting as many ADFPF national records as possible and winning the best overall lifter award.  Sophomore Michael Megler (73.8 kgs. bodyweight) won the Best Lifter award with an ADFPF national record total of  507.5 kgs. (1118.8 lbs.).  His 182.5 kgs. (402.3 lbs.) squat and 212.5 kgs. (468.5 lbs.) deadlift were also national records in the teen 16-17 division and 67.5 kgs. weight class.

Collectively, 2014-2015 Eagle powerlifters broke 24 national ADFPF equipped powerlifting records.  One of the most impressive lifts was Alejandro Ruiz’s 235.0 kgs. (518.1 lbs.) deadlift in the teen 16-17 division and 100.0 kgs. class.  This lift broke Aaron Wionkle’s (Cooksville, Illinois) 217.5 kgs. (479.5 lbs.) national record which dated back to November of 2007.  Sung-Yueh Chang broke Brian Manning’s (Clarinda, Iowa) national squat record of 147.5 kgs. (325.2 lbs.) with a lift of 155.0 kgs. (341.7 lbs.) in the teen 18-19 division and 67.5 kgs. class.  Ziyang Xia set a national deadlift record of  182.5 kgs. (402.3 lbs.) in the teen 14-15 division and 75.0 kgs. weight class.  Kyler Ferrell-Clegg set 8 national records in the 56.0 kgs. weight class.  He broke the squat, bench press, deadlift, and total records in both the teenage 18-19 and the open divisions.

Yudai Katsumata and Alejandro Ruiz were the 100.0 kgs. powerlifters who were destined to set world records and bring the world record count to the desired 50 mark.  The 15 year old freshman Yudai Katsumata broke ADFPF world records in the squat (187.5 kgs. or 413.4 lbs.), bench press (122.5 kgs. or 270.1 lbs.), and total (482.5 kgs. or 1063.7 lbs.).  The 16 year old sophomore Alejandro Ruiz broke an ADFPF world record in the bench press (160.0 kgs. or 352.7 lbs.).      

A celebration was in order! At Massachusetts native Coach Pauli’s suggestion, the powerlifters travelled to Plymouth after the contest.  The memorial to Sachem Massasoit, Plymouth rock, the Mayflower II, and the seafood restaurant Wood’s on the pier were the main attractions around Plymouth harbor.  Coach Pauli commented, “What a great way to end the school year!”

It’s was a great spring overall for the team.  On Saturday, April 25t, 2015, MVA Powerlifters participated at the 2015 APF Gulf Coast Powerlifting Championships held at the Refuge Church, located in New Port Richey, Florida, read about it HERE.  On Saturday, February 28th, 2015, the Montverde Academy Eagles powerlifting team travelled to Haggerty High School, located in Oviedo, Florida, and compete in the APF Powerlifting State Championships – where powerlifters won nine individual Florida powerlifting championship awards! Read about that event HERE.