On Friday, May 12, 2015, at 4:00 PM on the stage of the Sandra O. Stephens Fine Arts Auditorium, Montverde Academy senior Jasmine Sutton presented her Study Area Concentration Visual and Performing Arts ( SAC/VPA ) diploma graduation showcase. After offering an overview of the fundamental concepts of her art concentration installation (fashion), Jasmine invited attendees to join her in the auditorium’s entrance hallway to view the art project inspired by her chosen medium of artistic expression: black and white photography.

Jasmine informed Montverde.org,“I have always been fascinated with the elements of fashion design, runway, and media. I chose photography as my medium as I wanted to capture the essence of how people feel (this installation her older brother) in their clothing, watching how body language can change an entire outfit. I also analyzed the power of labels that affect our cultural image. My series of photographs became a narrative of fashion changing with the roles that an individual must fulfill as they grow older.” 

Next fall, Jasmine will be attending the London College of Fashion, located in London, England.