On Friday, May 1st, 2015, Montverde  Academy held a BOLD & GOLD Workshop for MVA 8th Graders: BOLD – Boys Outstanding Leadership Development, and GOLD – Girls Outstanding Leadership Development. The event was a unique program/workshop that provided 8th grade students with the opportunity to bond and work with MVA Upper-school Prefect leaders.  The night involved group activities, speakers, sports, food, and more.  Mrs. Kimberly Brauman, Middle-school/Lower-school Guidance Counselor, informed Montverde.org that the purpose of the event was to help 8th grade students work together to recognize and embrace their unique roles as students and learn lifelong leadership skills. There were 3 BOLD/GOLD sessions held at MVA throughout the 2014-2015 school year:

  • 1 session – Healthy Living
  • 2 session – Answering Questions About the Future
  • 3 session – Breaking Through Your Fears to Reach Your Goals

This month’s 3rd and final BOLD/GOLD session featured Mrs. Misty Harrison (Mrs. Brauman’s sister) who’s been actively involved with martial arts for 35 years.  Mrs. Harrison spoke to the students about how transitions are difficult (like going from middle school too high for the 8th graders and going from high school to college for the MVA Prefects), but that it is important to understand that everyone will continue going through “transitions” the rest of their lives (moving cities, changing jobs, getting married, having children, etc.).  She also told them that setting goals, even if you are nervous or scared, is very important too, and that if you are not a little scared to reach your goals – then you probably have not set those goals high enough.  She also spoke to the girls about women’s self-defense and gave them some practical advice and “pointers.”

According to Mrs. Brauman, “Each student and Prefect was also given a 1 think block of Pine and asked to write their goals on one side of the board and their fears on the other.  This was completely private and nobody else looked at or was asked to share what was on their board.  Misty then spoke to the students about board-breaking techniques and the students literally broke through their fears to reach their goals by breaking the board with their hand! It was a very exciting evening and I heard nothing but good things from the students after the program was complete.  Many of the students kept their boards to that they could reflect back on them in the future!”