Montverde Academy’s National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) held a successful “Spring Cereal Food Drive” from April 7th – 10th, 2015, to support the Lake County, Florida, charitable organization Buses ‘n Backpacks.  The MVA Middle-school student organization collected 340 boxes of cereal that were placed into special packages for local high school students to take home during their summer break. Mrs. Sara Stelle-Parets, Montverde Academy Middle-school 6th grade teacher, had encouraged M.S. students to bring at least two boxes of cereal back to school from their MVA spring break – “one box of your assigned cereal and one of their free choice (their personal favorite).” Donations collected by MVA students will help feed students who are unable to access a healthy school breakfast and lunch. 

Mrs. Stelle-Parets informed that each MVA Middle-school advisory group was assigned a specific cereal based on “the character traits demonstrated by their advisor.” In 6th grade, Ms. Claudia Amaya was assigned Rice Krispies, Mrs. Rosemarie DeJarnett was assigned Fruity Pebbles, Mrs. Parets was assigned Life. In 7th grade, Mr. Jordan Foley was assigned Captain Crunch,  Mr. Thomas Narducci was assigned Frosted Flakes, and Mr. Alex Prostko was assigned Coco Puffs. In 8th Grade, Mrs. Karla Lafferty was assigned Lucky Charms, Mrs. Loula Parks was assigned Chex, Mr. Eric Pauli was assigned Cheerios, and Mrs. Laura Sutherland was assigned Cinnamon Toast Crunch. In ESL, Ms. Lauren Podguski was assigned Special K.