Mrs. Cathy Podguski, Resident Faculty for Montverde Academy’s McCammack Hall 2nd Floor, and Koivu-Patterson dormitory, has informed about a wonderful dorm event that her McCammack Hall 2nd Floor students recently enjoyed together. On Saturday afternoon, April 11th, 2015, the hall’s boarding students participated in a Star Wars Movie  Marathon!  Mr. Dave Podguski, also  a MVA dorm parent, joined his wife, Mrs. Podguski, both loyal fans of the popular science-fiction movie series, in organizing the lengthy, but very entertaining, cinematic dorm extravaganza.  “MC 2nd Floor” boarding boys students really enjoyed the movie marathon – and many of the hall’s boarders spent their Saturday morning assisting Mr. and Mrs. Podguski in cutting and preparing fresh oranges and granola bars as “movie-snacks.” Sammy Bai, a MVA 7th grade boarding student on the hall, created several Star Wars character-posters, and the boys also decorated the dorm hall with fun and creative “home-made” Star Wars movie-themed ephemerae. The movie marathon began at 4:00 PM, and ended around 5:15 AM Sunday morning – and yes, many of the boys actually stayed up for all the features!

In an email to Mr. George Karos, MVA Communications Director, Mrs. “P.” wrote, “What happens when you take 10 pounds of taco meat, all the trimmings, 4 dozen cupcakes,4 dozen cookies,2 dozen brownies, Nutella frosting, nachos and cheese, variety of soda and homemade sweet tea…AND popcorn along with transforming the rec room into a movie theater …you have a “Star Wars Movie Marathon!  The boys began to gather with their comfy chairs and blankets along with their appetite. It was so fun to watch the boys gather and for those who had never watched the epic saga. Many of the boys stayed till the last scene. We watched the movies in the way they were released starting with  number 4 first and ending with number 3 last. Kudos goes to Sammy, Saul and Mr. Podguski who kept awake for the entire marathon.”

By the end of this spring semester, the dormitory’s hall is planning to have another “MVA Dorm Dining Night Out,” and possibly another dorm movie-marathon as well. McCammack Hall houses approximately 60 students – both male and female boarders. The dormitory underwent extensive renovations over the last decade that included the construction of a new roof, installation of new room doors, modernization air conditioning, windows and water heaters, hall flooring and renovated bathrooms on all halls.