On Wednesday, March 11th, 2015, MVA’s Programming team competed very well at the 29th annual High School Programming Tournament to be sponsored by the University of Central Florida. MVA had one of our groups tie for third place, and the entire team solved a record number of problems! The annual event, typically held in the middle of May, was presented this month with a record 75 teams in attendance representing schools from throughout Florida. One may ask, what is a programming competition? Mr. Matthew Parets, MVA Upper-school Computer Science teacher, and MVA Programming Team advisor, explained to Montverde.org that “…programming competitions are an exercise in problem solving where students are given a series of logical problems to solve. The problems set up a scenario, establish a problem in that setting, and ask the students to write a computer program that solves that problem. The programming teams were given eleven logic problems of differing levels of difficulty and four hours in which to solve as many as possible. Points are given for the number of questions solved, with bonuses for speed and accuracy.”

Overall, Mr. Parets was very pleased with how MVA competed at the UCF competition. Mr. Parets estimates that only 1/3 of the participating teams in programming competitions can only manage to solve a single problem. Another 1/3 are unable to answer any questions. Also noteworthy is that colleges and universities around the throughout the nation use these competitions as a recruiting tool. The University of Central Florida (UCF) offers scholarship money to all winning student from participating teams. “This was one of the most competitive contests the Montverde team has ever been a part. One of our groups, manned by Axel Tuxen, Nabhan Aziz, and Vikram Reddy, jump into the top 10 of the rankings in the first minutes of the tournament. From there it was a steady, up-hill battle. When all was said and done, the Montverde team solved a record number of problems with one of our groups, manned by Frank Spitulski, Joseph Winemberg, and Xuchuxue (Irisa) Zhou tied for third place. All of the veteran teams scored impressively ranking in the top half of the pack. Just as impressively, the rookie team manned by Jordan Cooke, Jordan Johnson, and Taylor Teasley placed well in the rankings. This is especially impressive when you consider how new to the topic they are,” added Mr. Parets.

Earlier this month, Montverde Academy’s Programming Team finished third in the overall standings at the 2014 finals of the Florida High School Programming Series held at Timber Creek High School, located in Orlando, Florida. The following list contains the members of the MVA Programming Team who contributed to MVA’s Programming Team’s success in Wednesday, March 11th, 2015, tournament held at the University of Central Florida:

  • Frank Spitulski
  • Joseph Winemberg
  • Xuchuxue Zhou (Irisa)
  • Kyler Ferrell-Clegg
  • Yuhan Guo (Jack)
  • Tyler Hughes
  • Axel Tuxen
  • Nabhan Aziz
  • Vikram Reddy
  • Taylor Teasley
  • Jordan Cooke