Congratulations to Mr. Charles Connelly-Candelario, Montverde Academy Yearbook Advisor, as well as the entire 2013-2014 MVA Yearbook Club, for winning the winning the Balfour Yearbook Publishing Company’s Award for Excellence for their successful yearbook design/cover design in creating the 2014 MVA Lower-school Yearbook! Montverde Academy’s 2014 LS Yearbook cover is also featured in 2014-15 Balfour Design Inspiration Book which is distributed to schools nationally! Last week, Mr. Charles Connelly-Candelario informed that “When it comes to the lower school yearbook award for being in their “best of lower school yearbooks yearbook”, I actually was unaware that it existed, so to get notification that we were included in it for last year’s yearbook was quite a shock and an honor. I’m so proud to be recognized for all the hard work that we put into the yearbook, and so happy that schools across America will get a glimpse of what Montverde Academy is all about by seeing a piece of our lower school yearbook. It’s all very exciting!”

In December of 2014, Montverde Academy’s Upper-school/Middle-school Yearbook won 1st place in the 2014 American Scholastic Press Association awards! In the competition, Montverde Academy scored an impressive total of 850 points out of 1,000.  In spring semester of last year, Montverde Academy was featured in the Balfour Yearbook Publishing Company’s “Yearbook Yearbook” publication. The company recognized Montverde Academy’s Upper/Middle school’s 2013 Yearbook for its theme and cover design.  According to its website, the Balfour company works with thousands of schools throughout the world to help produce outstanding yearbooks.  The 3013 award announcement came after Balfour’s annual review choice of the best yearbooks from over 400 schools across the United States (decision established on assessment of yearbook content, cover designs, and theme development). An informative MVA Club Focus 2013 feature interview with Mr. Connelly-Candelario (found here) describes the process of crafting an award-winning yearbook.