On Sunday, March 15th, 2015, Montverde Academy students enjoyed an “Island Fling.” The gathering was held outside in beautiful weather on the patio of Montverde Academy Alumni and Development Office. The day’s festivities included students being able to listen to recorded music from the Caribbean, and eating some of the food homogenous to the Caribbean – the territory of the world adjoining the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, and and North American landmass to the east of Central America.

The food for this year’s “Island Fling” was prepared and catered by Golden Crust of Clermont, Florida. According to their website, Golden Crust “exists to provide the taste of the Caribbean to the world,” and they provide “consumers with authentic, tasty Jamaican patties and relevant Caribbean cuisine in convenient settings and sizes.” Mr. Jerry Matos, MVA Dean of Students, told Montverde.org today that “… the event was great, and the students who participated had a great time – and they proved that by eating all the prepared food.” The international cuisine offered at the event included:

  1. Beef patties
  2. Jamaican rice
  3. Jerk chicken
  4. Pineapples and grapes
  5. Rice & peas
  6. Plantains
  7. Fried dumplings