On Saturday, February 28th, 2015, the Montverde Academy Eagles powerlifting team travelled to Haggerty High School, located in Oviedo, Florida, to compete in the APF Powerlifting State Championships. According to MVA Powerlifting Coach Eric Pauli, also a MVA Middle-school Science teacher, the primary objectives for the Eagles were:

  1. To win as many individual state championships as possible
  2. To break as many state records as possible, to have as many lifters as possible total more than 1000 pounds
  3. To have one of our lifters to win the TEEN/JUNIOR BEST LIFTER AWARD.

Out of the 13 Eagle lifters competing, 9 won individual state powerlifting championships in their respective age groups and weight classes: Saul Aviles in the T16-17, 60.0 kg class, Benjamin Boyette in the T16-17, 67.5 kg class, Sung-Yueh Chang in the T18-19, 67.5 kg class, Ziyang Xia in the T14-15, 75.0 kg class, Michael Megler in the T16-17, 75.0 g class, Juan Covarrubias in the T16-17, 82.5 kg class, Yudai Katsumata in the T14-15, 100.0 kg class, Alejandro Ruiz in the T16-17, 100.0 kg class, and Haoyang Sun in the T16-17, 125 kg class. 2 Eagles won individual bench press only championships: Shih-Chieh Chien in the T18-19, 67.5 kg class and Qinyi Wang in the T18-19, 75.0 kg class. In addition, Coach Pauli won gold in the M-4, 140.0 kg class in the bench press only (485.0 lbs.).

Five Eagle powerlifters set a total of 9 Florida state records: Michael Megler T16-17, 75.0 kg class squat (185.0 kg) and deadlift (217.5 kg); Alejandro Ruiz T16-17, 100.0 kg class deadlift (230.0 kg) and total (587.5 kg); Haoyang Sun T16-17, 125.0 kg class squat (215.0 kg), bench press (160.0 kg), and total (580.0 kg); Ziyang Xia T14-15, 75.0 kg class bench press (105.0 kg); and Yudai Katsumata T14-15, 100.0 kg class deadlift (175.0 kg). Five Eagle lifters also totaled more than 1000 pounds: Haoyang Sun (590.0 kg), Alejandro Ruiz (587.5 kg), Michael Megler (522.5 kg), Juan Covarrubias (492.5 kg), and Benjamin Boyette (455.0 kg). Michael Megler won the much coveted TEEN-JUNIOR BEST LIFTER AWARD.

“The team goal is for everyone to total over 1000 lbs. in a major contest before the end of the year,” Coach Pauli told MVA Communications. The Montverde Academy powerlifters are training forward towards the May 2nd, 2-015, Europa Games where USPA American records may be set at the Orange County Convention Center, located in Orlando, Florida.